Hi there folks,
Reading Sunday Times article, Amazon are just dumping “TONS” of electronic items in landfill, including laptops, phones, TV’s etc !!!.
Does anyone think we ought to be trying to get some of these goodies to help others.
These items are just returns, (some of them) so we should try and help out ? YES.
These must be returns from areas, Amazon depots near to some of us.
I think its worth a shot and maybe some of us could do some training, maybe link up with Council /government support. Ideas please or just get in touch with MP & Councillors.
Especially those Councils that have declared a “Climate Emergency”.
Regards Gordon.

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yes i contacted them about what
The chat custom services send me to email support, email support said how awesome they are , but ignored my question, answered with no-reply email and send me back to chat support if I have more questions :rofl: