Amazon colludes with Apple to exclude refurbished devices



This is super depressing

John Bumstead is interviewed at length here - meet him here (and learn about his cool glitch art) on one of our earlier podcasts


I guess what do we expect from fascists?! Perhaps the silver lining is that we have another excuse to not use Amazon or Apple products?! Maybe?! I realise it’s not that simple…


Well I’m more wondering whether some kind of Apple “underground” is emerging, where people jailbreak, mod and fix their products, like people do in Shenzhen. (The real issue is that Apple seems hellbent on persecuting and suing the people who do this as a service and/or share the knowledge about how to do it…)


Slightly off-topic perhaps, but it is possible to live without Amazon, and this is just another reminder of why we should - it’s however much harder to steer clear of Amazon’s cloud services though, as they power so many online services we use.

The perception of Amazon as something so necessary and unquestionable is part of the problem…


More off topic, Re: cloud services…

I was chatting to the Lush folks at the Showcase and they moved from AWS (Amazon Web Services) over to GWS (Google Web Services), apparently on tax-dodging grounds …

I know that may seem odd given Google’s reputation in that area, but it does show that alternatives are always possible.

Although the company I work for is using AWS for its services, I make sure that I use other suppliers for equipment etc. wherever possible.


Google services for end users consistently do better on Greenpeace’s Clicking Clean report

Assuming this applies to its B2B services?