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Restarters Advertising Policy

The Restarters community is designed to support community repair events & groups around the world. We are a not-for-profit network and our members tend to be volunteers or employees of non-profit organisations.

While we consider ourselves allies of independent repair businesses, we are not an advertising platform.

However, if an active community member also runs an independent repair businesses, we think it’s fair to let them advertise their services under the following conditions:

  1. Get permission first: adverts must only be posted after getting permission from the Admin Team
  2. Post in the right place: to ensure transparency, adverts must only be posted in #repair-stories:offers-requests and must use the tag ‘advert’
  3. Post once and update: an individual business or freelancer may only post one advert and then update it if required (preferably no more than once a month).
  4. Be descriptive: Adverts should adhere to our community guidelines and include the following information:
    • Location of business & area served
    • Details about the product or service being sold
    • A link to the business’ website (or other external site where members can learn more)

:warning: The Restart staff team will remove adverts that do not meet the above conditions.

I cannot afford to supply microscopes free I intended to offer a way below the normal selling price. Your advice please