Adding new skills to my profile

How do I add my skills that are not available in the drop down of options to my profile please?
Thanks Martha

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Hi Martha,

Good question! I’m afraid it’s not currently possible to add skills that aren’t in that drop down list. I added feature request last year for this, but it didn’t seem to get much support, so we’ve not acted on it yet:

Out of interest, which skills were you hoping to add?

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I don’t think that allowing everyone to add new skills is a good idea, because there will be a proliferation of typing errors and same-but-different skills, e.g. “puncture repair” vs. “repairing punctures”, but maybe expand the list to include, say, sets of basic skills from the most popular other areas? e.g. off the top of my head: fabrics, bicycles, furniture, ceramics.

Adding new things like this is always a bit chicken-and-egg: until the feature is there to be used, you don’t know how popular it will be.

Do we have stats on how many repairers profess to each of the current skills?

I suppose one other possibility would be to have an “Other - ask me” skill, then an automated system could ask them what their “Other” skill(s) are on a regular basis and collate them for possible inclusion in the list.

Hi , thanks I understand the logistics of this and possible problems that might arise.
Maybe skills such as Upholstery, soft furnishing, jewellery repairs, dress making, cycle repairs, furniture repairs perhaps?

Hi I don’t think allowing every one to add their own either but if the set up of this drop down could add a few more or expand the number that would be good. Such as Upholstery, Sewing, Dress Making, Cycle - repairs.

Thanks Martha and Dave for this :pray:

I think the consensus seems to be to simply expand the list of skills from which you can select (and including repair skills for non-electronic/electrical items). While we do have some doubts about useful/used the skills section is, this is definitely something we can consider (especially if it makes the skills section more useful).

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Thank you