A counterargument to "forced obsolescence"


For once, it looks like Apple has made improvements to iOS, for the first time making older devices a bit faster than with the previous version. Good news, especially for people who bought these as second hand devices!

The full story:


In the case of IOS 11 specifically, IOS11 added a lot of features also brings a lot of bugs. Instead, IOS12 focuses upon the bug fixes and improving performance. I have seen many positive reviews on IOS12 by people who were very critical of IOS11. If you do compare between IOS10 AND IOS12, the performance is more or less the same (in spite of the fact that Apple added a lot of features. I appreciate Apple effort to focus on the bug fix and performance improvement on IOS12, which improve the user experiences.)

Let’s celebrate on the software improvement, encourage people to focus upon the software improvement and application use rather than a slightly better yearly hardware improvement. Then people won’t bother to keep replacing (upgrading) hardware every year or so.

The thing I want you to mention about fully functional iPhone 5 is not able to receive IOS12; this is the nature of Software planned Obsolescence. It seems that the Restart Project decided to ignore the nature of Software planned Obsolescence. When Microsoft offers a free Window 10 upgrade, Restart Radio never mentioned the fact that Microsoft excluded Windows (XP) Vista from free upgrade. So just let old OS devices die quietly? I hope not, if you don’t mention, who else would mention about it?

Also please note Mobile OS is not very mature yet, compared to Computer OS. In other words, Mobile OS is still under developing. Each newer version of mobile OS makes actual functional improvement.

I would like to introduce this video again until you fully understand this. This guy actually tested to install older Android OS to Android OS 8 to NEXUS 5 (2013). He confirmed that newer OS is better memory management with even old 2013 Smartphone. I have noticed each newer Android OS has a better battery management as well. I believe that IOS works in the same way

So the newer Mobile OSes (iOS, Android OS) are beneficial to older devices. Just like iPhone SE users enjoy iOS12. Nexus5 users enjoy Custom Rom Android 8/9 (or even 10) as new. HOWEVER, these older devices are /will be artificially excluded from future upgrading OS. This is the real nature of Software Planned (forced?) obsolescence.

I wish you really have a deeper sold your own experience on OS software improvement via Custom Rom, just like you have your own experience on SSD now. Even you have created a new slogan “The SSD makes your computer 5 years younger”. (Well, I never ever said so by myself lol, this is your words)