We want the Right to Repair our smartphones - sign the European petition

The European Right to Repair campaign, co-founded by Restart and partners in Belgium and Germany, has just launched a push to ask the European Union to require smartphone manufacturers to give us the right to repair smartphones.

You can sign the petition here: https://repair.eu/smartphones

Please help us spread the word by sharing the petition:

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  • at community repair events you’re attending/running
  • on social media

Why smartphones, why now?
Smartphones are extremely political. They’re the iconic product the majority of us use and generate billions in profit to the big manufacturers that produce them. Because of this, regulatory efforts in this area have so far stalled. The EU is soon to reveal its priorities for reducing the environmental impact of products - the time to influence these policies is now. If Europe adopts right to repair legislation, it will inspire other regions of the world to follow, so it’s crucial to make this happen.For more info: https://repair.eu/news/europe-lets-fix-our-smartphones/