How to record repair data using Restarters (and why it matters!), 30 May 7:30pm

Hello James and Neil and all who participated:) Great session! Thank you.
Could we please have the Zoom recording link shared? I’ll be on leave from today, and would like to be able to share this information with our wonderful Repair Cafe coordinators and volunteers. Many thanks, Brigtte :slight_smile:

Hi everyone - a big thanks to all of you who came along. I hope the session was useful!

If you couldn’t make it and want to catch up on what we covered, you can watch the raw Zoom recording of the session here.

^ hope the helps too @Brigitte_Sistig and @Muntasir_Sattar :slight_smile:

(also tagging everyone else who wanted to see the recording)

@Sergio, @Karen_Lee, @Kate_4588, @Lindsey_Campbell, @Totton_Repair_Cafe1, @Wendy_Pinchbeck, @Hubert_Weikert, @Rosemary, @Vanessa_Akenga, @Sue_4569, @Francesca_Operti & @Praful_Patel

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