Google launches Chromebook self-repair programme for schools

Last week, Google announced it’s starting a programme to help schools (and potentially students) fix their own chromebooks.

Google says it’s partnered with Lenovo and Acer to make repair guides and certain parts available to schools in the USA:

On our new site, schools can easily identify which Chromebooks have commonly repaired components, like the keyboard, display and palmrest. Online manufacturer guides will also show how to repair the devices, find tools to safely fix them, get replacement parts, find training and get system update access if needed.

Just as interestingly, they’re also framing it as a potential way to get students themselves fixing these devices and developing repair skills.

This comes after Google promised 8 years of OS support for Chromebooks for all Chromebooks released from 2020 onwards, which seems promising too.

But as The Verge points out, there are some limitations, notably around warranty:

Before you make a decision about self-repair, please contact your device manufacturer to find out how your warranty might be impacted. Some device manufacturers can provide rigorous repair training to protect your warranty, and others may recommend self-repair only for out-of-warranty devices.

The full Verge article has more details:

Warranty concerns aside, this appears to be an unusually positive move from Google.
Has anyone spotted any ‘devil-like’ details?


I have been running microscope jalf day service and repair Courses for Universities and Schools in the UK and abroad for about 20 years.


Interesting development…my youngest is due to start secondary school this September, and his school requires them to have iPads…wonder if Apple will follow suit in any way.

On my list of things to do to check out alternatives that the school can cope with…it’s another big outlay for parents, and feels like all these tech firms are getting the main benefit.


iPads, gosh! And are you having to buy an iPad yourself Clare?
Apple did announce a self-repair programme for US consumers for some devices starting… at some point. No mention of iPads yet and we’re still waiting for pretty much all the details, but here’s hoping it’s not just greenwash: Apple to supply spare parts, tools and manuals to consumers?!

Great to hear this Derek! Given your experience in this area, I’m interested in what you make of Google’s announcement. Would something like this address the main issues you see with school tech?

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I have mentioned this to Oxfordshire CC with the idea I train Repair Cafe members to help with the repairs in schools. We have also run simple Electrical Repair Courses for school technicians.

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Would be interested to hear what @Jeannie_Crowley and colleagues make of this.

Surprised about iPads in secondary schools @Clare_Seek - I thought they were more used in primary. In secondary schools, Google appears to have major marketshare here in the UK.

Re warranties, the FTC is cracking down on manufacturers using self-repair to justify dropping warranty support. I would be surprised if Google went this direction in the US however the warnings on the website are vague and offputting, which is an issue.

Overall, this is less of an issue in the US than it is here, where it remains a big grey area.


There is the option to not buy one and they just use whatever the school have on offer, or you can source your own but has to be a certain spec…but at just shy of £400 (which can be done in installments and is cheaper if you’re on free school meals) it all adds up with blazers, ties, branded PE tops…and it’s certainly for all the schools within this academy trust. (Obviously at the minimum I’m going to be trying to get a second hand one…can’t quite cope with the idea of buying anything that’s new :wink: )


Sadly not this academy trust…wonder if anyone works for Apple, rather than Google in the decision making tree?

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