Fun and interesting things to do in Berlin

Lots of us are going to be in Berlin this week for Fixfest 2019. Given Fixfest finishes on Sunday Morning, that leaves a lot of us with a free afternoon! So we thought it would be fun to co-create a list of fun and/or interesting things to do in the city together.

If you have any suggestions, please add them to the list below by clicking the edit button at the bottom of this post :slight_smile:

Fun/interesting things to do in Berlin

  • C|O Berlin - for anyone interested in photography @Mark_Phillips’ suggestion
  • Mauer Park Flea Market - runs til 6pm on Sunday
  • Bernauer Strasse Memorial - stretch of the Berlin Wall, park with interpretive materials
  • The Holocaust Memorial - plus interpretive exhibition (paid) underneath it
  • Reichstag Building - 360 views from the top, stays open late-ish
  • Kulturbrauerei - cultural centre in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, has a “life after the fall of the Wall” photo exhibit
  • The Blue Church - half rebuilt church, suggested by @monique
  • Kreuzberg and Neukölln - gentrification and hipster central, multicultural too. Great for wandering
  • Outdoor cinema - but looks like the main ones are closed for the season…
  • Schlachtensee - if you need a dose of nature, Berliners love this lake
  • Beer gardens - Schleusenkrug near us, and there’s also Prater
  • Clubs / bars - leave to @ugo and others…

Flea Market Sunday 09:00-18:00 at Mauer Park in Prenzlauer Berg district

As James mentioned, right next door to FixFest venue is C/O Berlin they have exhibition by Robert Frank, seminal 20th century photographer who sadly died earlier this week aged 94.

En route to Hackathon in Mozilla, if you go via Berlin Ostbahnhof, there is East Side Gallery (old Berlin Wall covered in murals), plus on West Bank. also in the area is Treptower Park with Soviet War Memorial.

Museum Island from Humboldt University towards Alexanderplatz, with side detour to Hackescher Markt,

Lots of bars / clubs from Warschauer Strasse up towards Boxhagener. also a few decent restaurants that are not too expensive.

Other good places to just wander around in Neukölln,

Coffee shops - Godshot and No Fire No Glory in Prenzlauer, The Barn near Kopenplatz and more importantly nearer the hotel and venue is The Barn on Joachimstahler.

I’ll add more, after asking my son who lived there for 2 years…


I’ve put some of these places on a Google maps list here. Will add more if the train wi-fi allows today :slight_smile:

Worth noting that the listings for these beer gardens say cash only.

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For tonight, there’s 2 clubbing options that have been recommended by a friend. Let me know if anyone is up for either:

  • one starts in the afternoon, outdoor +club, and goes on all-night (in theory). 12eu Location : Sonnenallee 221; Neukölln; 12059 Berlin

  • second option is “artsier”, possibly smaller, live sets between 20.00-23.30 - 8eu location: Acud Macht NEU
    Veteranenstraße 21