📞 Finding help nearby (Community Call, 18/07/19, 7-8pm)

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Organising repair events can feel a little daunting, especially without help. Join me and others in the network on Thursday for a chat about the best ways to find help with events and how we can make this easier as a network.
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Right here in this discussion!
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What will we be discussing?

  • Opening round (a chance for everyone to introduce themselves & share anything they’d like to discuss)
  • Discussion of the main topic: what are the best ways to find help organising/running repair events at the moment and how can the Restarters network make this easier?
  • A chance to talk about any burning questions or a topic that someone’s brought on the day
  • Roundup & close

Total duration: 1 hour

How will it work?

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Can’t make it?
I’ll be taking notes and will post a summary after the call ends. Feel free to get involved then :+1:

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A big thanks to @Michelle_Fisher, Elizabeth and @neil for coming along yesterday.

Here’s a quick summary:

:busts_in_silhouette: Who was in the room?

  • Elizabeth, co-coordinator of the New York State network of Repair Cafés
  • @Michelle_Fisher, founder & coordinator of Melbourne Repair Café & mapper of Australian repair initiatives
  • @neil, Restart staff member and aspiring repair group founder
  • @james (me :wink: )

:speaking_head: What did we talk about?

Given most of us were already familiar with running repair events, we instead focused on getting to know how each of our repair networks operates (in the USA, the UK/Europe and Australia).

Repair Cafés & Restart Parties: what’s the difference?
We talked about the differences and similarities of the Repair Café model and Restart model, including Restart’s focus on electrical/electronic devices.

Elizabeth mentioned that Repair Cafés in her area don’t tend to see many electronic/electrical devices, possibly because they often struggle to find repairers who can tackle these kinds of items.

The Right to Repair
We discussed the growing movement around the Right to Repair. Elizabeth shared a positive experience of contacting her local elected representative, whose office turned out to be unexpectedly supportive.

“The key is to make these issues local, both geographically and politically”
- Elizabeth

While talking about getting politicians on board, we covered a myriad of good reasons to support the right to Repair, from concerns around our environmental impact and labour rights to strengthening a local repair economy and to consumer rights. We agreed that different elements of this appeal to different audiences.

Tips for organising your first repair events
@neil is interested in starting a new repair group, so we talked briefly about how to get one going. We all shared a few pieces of advice between us:

  • Go and visit existing events & talk to the people who’ve done it
  • Make partnerships: work with existing venues (e.g. libraries, makerspaces) and networks (e.g. local green/sustainability groups)
  • Start with a tried and tested model (Repair Café, Restart Party, Fixit Clinic etc.) and adapt it to your needs