Event requires moderation by an admin

I created a group and 3 events: one in the past (as a testcase for input), the other two in the future. I can view an ad devices to the one in the past. But the other two display “Event requires moderation by an admin”. What does this mean? A ‘restarters admin’ or…? There was no email about this, so it differs the question from jul & aug 18 on that part

Hi Erik,

Welcome to the community and thanks for creating a group!

When any event is added to the system, it must be approved by a member of the staff team here at Restart. This is because all approved events automatically appear on our main website and we want to filter out any spam or potential abuse of the system.

I’ve now approved your group and your three non-test events (09/03/2019, 13/04/2019 & 11/05/2019) :+1:

I hope that makes sense, but I’m happy to answer any further questions :slight_smile:


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Hi James,

I guess was just a bit impatient… thanks for your reply!