Co-creating a post-lockdown live event protocol

Visitors will need to stay with their devices or items all the time, as before. What tended to happen is that the volunteer repairs, but the visitor watches and get an explanation on how to fault find or repair in the future. So a situation of no tool sharing is not that far from before.

Regarding online activities: no, we are not continuing those at present. You are right that some people are not ready to venture out yet (including some of our volunteers), but I hope that there is more engagement with offline events rather than “yet another Zoom meeting”. I think many people feel like that after months of screen-only meetings!

Fair enough, I think many of us can relate to video conference fatigue!

That said, given that many repair volunteers are (understandably) reluctant to come back to in-person events, I’ve been wondering whether it’s worth exploring hybrid models that could include volunteers at home keen to participate.

For example, could there be one or two remote repairers on call (via video call, text chat or phone call) to advise or work with the repair team on the ground?

@Frank I’m curious - did your event on September 5 take place? If so, how did it go? I bet other groups on here would be eager to learn from your experience :slight_smile:

Yes, it did and we had a steady stream of visitors. A few confused ones who were asking about the “menu” for the “café”, but that is part of the education process…

Pretty much everyone got the “sanitise hands & leave contact details” routine without volunteer intervention, more people needed reminding about face covering.

Good mix of ages and interesting items with lovely stories: 1960s rocket lamp, 1920s (specific brand) metal tin, an old LP player, vintage lamp… Explicitly advertising (on Facebook) a new skill from one of our volunteers (repairing ceramics/pottery) got 3 visitors.

Running it again in October :slight_smile:

Edited to add: “provision of voluntary services” and “education or training” are both listed as exclusions from the “rule of 6” in force as of today. link


That’s very exciting to hear, well done for running the event and creating a protocol to run it safely!

You didn’t ask visitors to sign up beforehand, right? Was the number of visitors similar to events run before lockdown?

Correct, no signing up beforehand. Visitor numbers were probably slightly down compared to our last event, but that was ok for this one! :slight_smile:

Hi all,

In Belgium (dutch speaking part), more and more Repair Café groups are starting to organize live repair events again. I think 10 groups have started so far. I interviewed 5 of them to hear their experiences. They were all very positive. Most of them didn’ t work with registration on beforehand, one did.

You can read the article I drew form the interviews here. It’s in dutch, but I guess an automatic translation can give a impression.