A message from Restart about Coronavirus

Like most organisers in the network, we’ve been following the coronavirus situation closely and assessing how it may impact our community repair events.

Our priority will always be to help our communities stay safe and well. :heart:

Given our community events take place in London, a densely-populated city with a relatively high number of cases, we’ve decided together with groups here to cancel inner London events scheduled from now until mid-April and label events beyond then as ‘to be confirmed’.

This is a scary moment for all of us, so we’re working on ways to ramp up our online activity and help us all stay connected and supported throughout this period. We’ll say more about this in the coming days.

We’ve created a temporary category for all conversations about the pandemic and how we can adapt as a repair community: #coronavirus Please do get involved!

Please also feel free to reach out to us and the rest of the community here at any time with any questions or concerns. You can find the staff team here. We’re more than happy to chat :slight_smile:


Thanks for this note @james I know its been a concern/question for quiet a few groups and this is useful to point them too.

I know it might be a long way off yet and too early to say until the picture is a little clearer closer to the time, but Fixfest 2020 in June is a question mark in my diary at the moment. I hope you will keep us posted about that too.

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Thanks Divya. Please do encourage people to ask questions or add to the discussion here if some collaborative thinking would help :slight_smile:

And great question about Fixfest UK. At the moment, we’re hoping it will go ahead as planned in June. However, we’re actively working on a contingency plan just in case. We’ll definitely keep everyone posted

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Hi all, good suggestions and very pertinent as I’ve just got back to U.K. and we’ll have a meeting next week, and feedback asap. our next event is scheduled for 25.4… so we might be lucky… let’s hope. Best Regards Steve


Thank you James.

First of all we are well, our next Restart Party is still planned for April, 18th.

The host is waiting for us and a RESTART (Party) will have a special meaning.

The situation in Italy is still evolving, I work at home, where all of my family stay the whole day, also on weekends.

Not so easy, we are not use to this situation for a long time. We are 5 people (and 2 fishes).

No school, no movements outside home without important, real, written justification.

Even we probably will not have problems we have to keep care of our parents and old people.

We know it is an exceptional problem, we are doing our best to make it better and shorter.

See you soon.

Have a nice day, and week.

A strong, virtual hug to everyone.



Thanks for the updates Steve and Sergio!

@steve.cousens, good to hear you’re back and that you’ve got some time before the next scheduled event. Hard to know how things will change over the next month or so! :crossed_fingers:
Let us know how things are in Harborough :slight_smile:

@Sergio , it sounds like things are pretty intense there at the moment. It feels like a number of other countries are heading in the same direction, so we’ll need your hard-earned expertise :wink:
I’m glad to hear you’re all well at home. E fammi sapere se vuoi fare una chiacchierata :slight_smile:

Hey everyone. I’ve moved a number of posts to a new topic about running events online, so we can focus on that more specifically: Moving events online

@James thanks for the update, will be posting a funding report soon.

We’ve cancelled face to face meetings for now. and fear our April 25th event won’t go ahead as over a hundred people attend.

The Ecovillage Repair Clinic St. Mary’s Rd. May continue…

Thanks & Best Wishes to you and all supporters to keep safe and healthy.

Steve and everyone from Market Harborough Fixers C.I.C.