Wear your repairs with pride – inside the modern mending movement

This piece features @Bridget_Harvey from Hackney Fixers!

What we can learn from visible menders: that “better than new” repairs are something to brag about. Upgrades. Let’s keep this in mind when mending e-stuff. (:warning: Obviously with great attention to health and safety.)

And BTW they should’ve renamed the section “How to Mend It” :smiley:

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Nice - given we can’t often do visible repairs what’s the greenest way of getting ‘Repaired by (fill in the person/organisation)’ stickers to put on electronic/electrical items when possible? Or would that be risking some sort of liability?

Cool idea! We’ve been really thinking that stickers should be a large part of the Right to Repair campaigning kit. And @Chloe let’s think about including one like this. (I think if we leave out the person’s name it should be fine!)

Or a ticket with a hole/elastic band to put around a mains lead/convenient thingy - if possible (which shouldn’t be difficult!) a little bit slicker than this mockup:

Message could vary - saved from recycling - repaired not dumped - given more life - etc.

I like it but how about something more like a safety label?


Yes nice, but valuable local marketing opportunity for it to be explicitly branded for local repair org though. Could consider a QR code but that excludes everyone without a modernish smartphone.

Hmm, a QR code - that could contain the unique repair identifier that’s been mentioned before in relation to repeated repairs? Maybe a less visible one https://uqr.me/blog/beautified-qr-codes-that-are-almost-invisible/

Ha! Re QR codes and database identifiers, now are getting ahead of ourselves!

Ofc labels/stickers could have a field where someone could write in the group name with a Sharpie :slight_smile:

If possible I’d like to print my own labels so we don’t have to do the sharpie thing - can you include templates with gaps as well as finished labels (PDFs?) in the campaign kit?