Use alternative to Google Maps



Google is not the most ethical of companies. (Just one example here…)

Where possible, we’d like to avoid using them as a service provider. We do however have to take into account whether / how easily we can achieve similar functionality otherwise, and how important it is to the community to avoid a particular service.

For the mapping functionality in, it should be fairly straightforward to do a swap to OpenStreetMap / leaflet.js.

Vote if you’d like to see it!


I’ve contributed a lot of time to OSM, mapping (geek-alert!) the dry-stone walls that help make so much of Yorkshire’s countryside a beautiful thing to look at and inhabit. So OSM gets my vote! Zoom in to countryside around Halifax and further north into the dales to see those walls, or zoom out a bit and look at the moorland representation from Derbyshire up to the Dales - I did most of that :slight_smile: I was born/grew up near Halifax. If you look hard you might be able to find my climbing trees.


I am involved in the Missing Maps project, which uses OSM to provide maps in area of world that don’t have them. Prioritized in terms of disasters, but the aim is to map the whole world. I am also a long time contributor to OSM, that is how I got involved in the missing maps community. In much of the UK you will find the OSM is at least equivalent to google, and in some places far more detailed and accurate.


Just to say we’ve switched to leaflet and OSM (with map tiles from Carto DB) for the map displayed when viewing an event now.


(Google Maps is still currently in use on the create/edit event pages - it’s being used there to do address lookups and geocoding, so needs a little extra work to swap it out there - coming soon!)


If a venue isn’t already marked on OpenStreetmap, you can add it, or ask here as there seem to be several mappers here. That’s the building itself, not the repair event!


Absolutely. Noting that community centres and venues is one area where Google Maps really falls down. OSM can really shine in this.