US/UK date format confusion when creating an event



Angela (Southampton Repair Cafe) reported that most of the dates for her events seem to appear in US format mm/dd/yyyy despite her entering them in UK format dd/mm/yyyy. This resulted in most of her events have the day and month flipped:

1/10/15 is correct
11/7/15 should be 7/11/15 ie 7th Nov (all our cafes are on the first Sat of the month)
2/7/15 should be 7/2/15
6/6/15 is correct
9/3/15 should be 3/9/15
8/1/15 should be 1/8/15
6/12/14 is correct
10/4/14 should 4/10/14
4/4/14 should be 4/4/15 (this was the offending “1970” I think!)
11/1/14 should be 1/11/14
1/1/14 should be 6/9/14 (I have no idea how this happened!)

Why some are correct and others not is a mystery! Angela reports that her system (Windows Vista) is set to UK locale and location.

@neil and I have looked into this and still aren’t quite sure what’s causing this issue. Angela will be testing this on a newer system. If the issue persists, we’ll need to investigate further.

This might be related to:


All confusion would be eliminated if you can use the ISO 8601 date format.


We do internally, but what’s your thoughts on this from a user perspective? i.e. inputting and viewing dates in ISO 8601? I wonder if those not familiar with it would find it confusing. (Would be interesting to search if there’s any usability studies on that…)

Currently the intention is to display date inputs in the user’s chosen locale settings (and also date display, which we’re not actually doing consistently at present).


It would be an occasion for them to realise how intuitive and useful ISO 8601 is. They can only be thankful for such discovery and learning.

I do set all my systems to ISO 8601 and used that format on paper too.

Yes. (I haven’t seen any, but haven’t been look for such UX studies either.)