Uploading svg images to the Wiki



While uploading this image, I was surprised to find that it’s not possible to upload .svg images to the Wiki. Is this because MediaWiki doesn’t support .svg files or is this a setting specific to our instance @neil & @philip?

If it’s a setting of ours, it might be useful to change it to allow .svg files (unless there’s a reason it’s been disabled?)


There’s a whitelist of allowed filetypes that we can add svg to in LocalSettings.php - it must be disabled by default in Mediawiki (or at least it was when the wiki was first installed a long time ago!)

I’m not aware of any reasons not to allow svg, so I’ll add it in to the whitelist if no objections?


Good to know. I wonder why it was disabled by default…

No objections here :+1:


Added it to the whitelist now - I noticed @philip mentioned on the screws thread (no pun intended) that there were already plenty of svgs on the Wiki - must have lost svg as an allowed filetype during migration or upgrade then.