University College London to hold it's first Repair Cafe! Heritage conservators come together with fixers


Hello Restarters!
I am a heritage conservator with my MSc in Conservation for Archaeology and Museums from University College London. I am here to announce that we at the MSc program in partnership with UCL Sustainability and the Center for Critical Heritage will be hosting our first ever repair cafe! This first event will focus primarily on textiles and bring together textile conservators with members of the wider community as well as expert stitchery from WORN. We will also have bike repair and some demos of instrument, home an,d computer maintenance. I am adding the link to our Eventbrite page, the event is free and open to the public on Thursday the 28th of March from 11-3 at the UCL Bloomsbury campus in the south cloisters. UCL inagural Repair Cafe: Fixing a Broken Britain


Thanks for sharing @Netanya_Schiff! @isabel works at UCL and will be interested to hear about this.

Hope you invite Simon Werrett, who we invited to our podcast and was an excellent guest

Didn’t quite catch whether you will be helping with electrical appliances and electronics, or not? (Interested to see the Institute of Archaeology signed up for that!)


Hello Janet,
We are not equipped to do full electronics repair at this time, but would love to do so in the future!! We will be having one computer tech doing diagnostics and quick fixes and one objects conservator talking about instrument restoration. We will be sure to talk to Isabel and Simon, the word is out on UCL channels but they may not have seen it yet.


Ah, ok. If you would like to recruit fixer volunteers, this is the place (!)

Insurance can be complicated at larger institutions, so we might be out of our depth helping with that hurdle, although perhaps @Colin_Fitzpatrick at University of Limerick could help?