"Unfortunately, an error has occurred." when creating an event



I got a blank dropdown list for the “Event group:” when creating a new event,
it then, of course, fails with a 500:

This is kind-of urgent since I forgot to publicise the event & it’s on Sunday.



Hi @Dave,

This is a new one for me, how strange!
Which browser are you using? Can you post a screenshot of the blank dropdown?


Thanks @james. It’s on MacOS with both Chrome & Safari (both recent versions).


I haven’t posted an event in ages (if ever) so it could be something to do with my account, which I remember we had some teething problems with.



Any chance you could slap the event up for me in the interim @james?

Deets are here: https://www.thegoodlifecentre.co.uk/events/prepare-to-repair-event-10/



Hmm, odd!

Given the event is so soon, I think a quick 'n dirty workaround might be in order.
If you post the details of the event here, I can then create the event for you, make you host and then remove myself.

Sound okay?



Ha! Beat me to it - okay, let’s give that a go…


Molte grazie. —> “Post must be at least 20 characters” bah!


Haha :wink:

Okay, done: https://restarters.net/party/view/738


All done.

Interestingly, the Event group dropdown works fine when I edit the event?!?


Great - glad it’s sorted!

But this bug is something we need to look into.

@neil - tagging you for reference :wink:


Thanks @james - we’ll look into this ASAP @Dave so the group selector is working for you on event creation.

Quick side question for you both - in your opinion, as a host, is it actually of any use to be able to edit the group in the Edit Event page? It’s probably only useful in times of error. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have it there, so long as it doesn’t cause any confusion.


I’m not sure it’s strictly needed given the current user journey is to navigate to the group’s page and create an event from there. Then again, I agree that as long as it’s not confusing (and does work), it doesn’t hurt to have it


This should be fixed now @Dave - let us know how you get on next time you’re creating an event. Thanks!

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