Timezone support for checking whether events have started/finished



I’ve realised that the apps, both the Fixometer module and the public-facing pages at therestartproject.org, don’t take timezones of events into account.

So wherever we are checking to see if an event has started or finished, we are doing it in the timezone of the local server, which is UTC in both cases.

We should associate a timezone with events, which more than likely could default to a timezone set against the parent group of the event.

Alternatively we might be able to figure out the timezone from the lat/long of the event.


Just wanted to bump this.

At the Restart Party after Fixfest Italia, we had to wait an for hour after the start of the event to start adding data. Can imagine this being particularly frustrating for groups even further East (e.g. Hong Kong)

It would be good to find a solution.

CCing @Rosario_Antoci and @Antonio_Alessio_dikdust_D