Three free (basic) soldering irons

We have a couple of super budget RS soldering irons up for grabs for anyone in the UK who would like them.

On two the chisel tips need replacing or a deep clean.


I’d definitely like one, happy to cover postage and take one with the dodgy tip to grind down.

Great @4ndy please message me your address.

I’d be interested in one please?

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Great, @Wild_Bunny just message me with your postal address and we’ll post it.

Thank you! I’ll refund the postage.


[address scrubbed by @Restart admins]

Thank you ever so much

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Ok just one left now… Going… going…

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We could use one at Leeds Repair Cafe!

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Great @Alistair_Brown please message me your address and I’ll send them all out together tomorrow.

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