SSDs or RAM for Dell Latitude E5400



We’re hosting a summer school for 12-15 refugee youth, and we have some old laptops we are going to upgrade together with them. We’re looking for donations of SSDs and RAM compatible with these machines.

DELL Latitude E5400
Processor: Essential (Core2Duo)

We’d love to upgrade them to 4GB (they have 2) and the SSDs should probably be a minimum of 128GB. Thanks in advance!

Just to say that Ryan (Restarter who has worked with Kingston) has already personally donated some SSDs, and we’re super grateful :heart:


Hope you get all the donations you need. If you end up needing to buy RAM, CEX is very cheap (I just checked and 2gb DDR2 is £3, DDR3 is only a quid!)


Thanks @Alistair_Brown! Yes RAM is super cheap :nerd_face: it was more in the spirit of reuse with the RAM. With the SSDs, it was to save :moneybag:

USBs needed for summer school