SQL error on search page



Another error encountered by @marco. Looks like an SQL syntax error when performing a search on restarters.net (see screenshot below)

Is that right Marco?


this is the real issue: on

i just show how to get it :wink:
so you can close bug #228


I think this and the other error are the same (i.e. /search is the page you go to when clicking ‘Event reporting’ in the menu.)

Good one! I think the error is that @marco has the role of a Host but is not actually associated with any groups yet. The Event reporting page is filtered down so as a host you can only search through the events of your group.

The issue is more that the Event reporting link should only be visible if you’re an Admin, a Host (which is how it currently is) AND you’re the host of a particular group.


thanks neil.
let me know if i should be useful in this topic in future.


Thanks a lot for reporting it Marco :slight_smile: - I’ll let you know when we have fixed it.


Ah! My bad, think I misunderstood your email Marco :sweat_smile:
Thanks for the clarification!


Just to update on this, currently working on the fix to make sure the Event reporting link is only visible if you are a host that is currently associated with a group.

However, I wonder @marco if we need to set you as a host of a group? e.g. Restarters Firenze?


which are the main tasks of a host? i have little time :frowning:


No problem @marco! I just thought you might already be a host of Restarters Firenze, in which case it would have made sense to set you as one in the application :slight_smile: But if not we will leave it how it is.

(A Restart Party host is someone who organises, schedules, publicises etc the Restart Party, and also records the devices that were seen at the party on the day on the flipchart, and adds them in to the Fixometer afterwards.)


i could be a host of Restarters Firenze to test this application but not definitively.
could we add another host later who will effectively take care of these tasks in the future on the same group?


Yes a group can have more than one host - so we could set you as a host of the group for now, and add anyone else who should be a host in future - and also remove you as a host if you would like :slight_smile:


i agree at all.
can you set me as momentary host for Restarters Firenze or i have to?


Currently we need to set hosts (although shortly other hosts will be able to say who is also a host of their group.) I’ve set you as a host of Restarters Firenze now :+1:


let me know when the quoted issue will be fixed to give a try :wink:


I think it should work for you now, as you’re a host associated with a group. Could you give it a quick try and let me know? Thanks!


fixed :slight_smile:
btw: sorry for late: weekend at the seaside :wink: