Sharing fixometer stats (graphic)



I was using this by copying the image as a PDF / jpg then sharing that file via upload / email.

This doesn’t seem to be possible now. I won’t be embedding code and in the pop up I can’t see the whole image so can’t do a print screen.


Hi @Sophia_Flucker,

Thanks for this - we’ll log the bug about stats graphic not being fully visualised when clicking on Event Actions > Sharing Event Stats.
While this gets fixed, you have two workarounds:

  1. From within the specific event page, you could print screen (or take a screenshot) of the environmental stats at the top of the page:
  2. On the main The Restart Project website, you can view and print stats with a different layout. For example, the public page from your most recent event has a nice infographic:

Hope this helps!


Is this for group stats or for a particular event @Sophia_Flucker (or both?)

While we add this in, in addition to @Ugo’s suggestions, for Kilburn’s group stats you could visit and use your browser to take a screenshot of the full page.

If it’s for events, you could do the same, getting the address from the ‘Share event stats’ popup for the event: