Sending event invites to volunteers - user interface bug



When inviting volunteers to an event (from the event page, e.g. this one), selecting the ‘Send invites to all Restarters affiliated with [group name]’ tick box adds all affiliated users in the following way:

[Firefox 61.0.2, MacOS X 10.13.6. Email addresses blacked out.]

There are 2 issues here:

  1. The obvious display issue: the ‘send’ box doesn’t expand to fit all the contacts. It should probably expand to a certain degree, then be scrollable after that point?

  2. At the moment, this displays users’ email addresses. Would it be possible to display names instead? This would be more intuitive for organisers and better in terms of data protection.

(note: this is not related to this bug: Invite to group not working)


Thanks James - this is being worked on now

I agree - it should display the member’s name when adding existing members of the group.


This is fixed now :+1:

The box will grow dynamically (it doesn’t currently become scrollable, however I don’t think this will be too necessary in general, as names are much shorter than emails, and it’s really only Restart HQ that has so many linked volunteers. But we can revisit in future if needed…)

It also indicates if a member has opted out of receiving email notifications. (The corresponding bug of crashing out if an invitee has opted out is currently being worked on)


Great news, thanks!

I like the addition of the :warning: symbol to indicate people that won’t get an email. In the helper text below, is it also worth explaining that it’s because they’ve disabled notifications?


Members marked with a :warning: will be invited but won’t be sent an email due to their notification settings.


Sounds good to me, I’ll add it in.

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