Restarters in the BH area?


Hi. I’ve just joined the community and wondered if there are any Restarters in the BH area as I’d love to attend a local group or organise one if there are any repairers locally.


Hi Bev, welcome to the community!

Do you mean the area around Bournemouth? (postcode BH)
If so, then I don’t think we have any active groups in the area at the moment. But you can check your nearest groups by heading to the groups page.

There is a repair cafe in Bournemouth itself, which isn’t on this site yet:

It looks like their next event is next Saturday. I’m sure they’d appreciate any help you can offer :slight_smile:
We’d love to connect with them, so if you go along, do say hi from us!

P.s. I’ve moved this discussion to the #community-repair section, as it fits a little better here