Restart Radio Podcast at Barcelona's community radio

From now, The Restart Radio Podcast will be emitted at Contrabanda FM, a Barcelona’s community radio, every saturday from 15pm to 16pm.
You can listened at 91.4 FM, if you live in Barcelona, or online at


This is amazing Andreu! How are you planning on keeping up the weekly schedule? (As we are currently publishing them monthly, we may move back to twice-monthly soon…)

We’re working on some good new episodes, but please let us know if you or listeners have some good ideas :bulb:

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We are programmed the software Aras that download the last program and play it every Saturday until a new podcast will be available. We have in our grill radio programs some gaps where we playback differents podcast. We’ll be thinking in future ideas for the program.

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Ok so sounds like you will be happy for us to return to the twice-monthly schedule :laughing:

Wondering if you can play repair-themed music? A long time ago we started making a playlist… We’ve got some in Spanish on there!