Reality Check: Millions computers are going to dump this year


Hello there. Hope you guys enjoy holidays, (I was so hectic for Garden preparation  )

In this planet, we are in the process of dumping multi millions computers, due to Microsoft Windows 7 support ends on January 2021. (Edit: 2020 is correct see the below)
As a matter of the fact, the fully working (business?) computers have been dumping

  1. OS licence support ends
  2. Hardware support ends (usually 3-5 years)
  3. Leasing contract expired (hideous business practice – as bad as smartphone contract disposal scheme)

As an IT business professional, I have provided the solution to extend the computer life for another 3-5 years for my business clients as well as Restart clients. One of my clients have used their desktop (and notebook computers for 8 years with an SSD upgrade, another client is considering to extend 4 years old desktop computers for another 4 years with an SSD upgrade. The most of my business clients use 19 inch dual monitor settings, and I expect they will keep using them for 10-12 years very comfortably. As a matter of fact, Interestingly nobody asked me the screen replacement as long as we have offered some backup second hand monitors. ( business class 19 LCD screen at 30 pound each)

For Windows 7/8 computers.

You just need to follow this. Then your computers would be able to use up to 2025. (When Windows 10 supports end)

  1. replace the old hard disk with an SSD
  2. upgrading windows 7/8 to Windows 10

Interestingly, Microsoft still allows to users to upgrade to Windows 10 at free of charge.

According to a main stream media, Forbes said

It makes more money from OEM sales of Windows 10 on new laptops and revenue from corporate users than the slender pickings of home users. Indeed, Microsoft makes more money - and more margin - on selling cloud offerings these days.

As a reality, at the moment, nobody really blocks your right to open up your computer and replace your old painfully slow hard disk with a super fast SSD; nobody really block the boot loader and your right to install and upgrade your Operation System from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10, as a matter of fact, Microsoft still let you do so at free of charge! You simply decided not to excise your right to repair/ extend the device life. This is YOUR CHOICE!! Well, it is very strange to me people who don’t excise their existing right demand to the right ?

I have observed that it seems that environmentalists, Academics, Policy makers, Public Sector people, Journalists, etc live in a relatively small circle, interacts with each other within the circle (Safe house?). It seems that nobody really bother what is going on now outside the circle I have been struggling at the battle field of eWaste at a real world.

I have been taking risk my business to provide environmentally friendly solutions to my business clients. I urge any mindful organisations (Environmental organisation, Charity, Educational organisation, Government Agency, Social enterprise companies etc) actually take action to save even one computer at your organisation for another 5 years as a Restart Code Computer to change the relationship with the electric devices.

I really love to see at least 100 Restart Code computers. If you would try, you may not be able to succeed, then you can finally face the actual problems; IT budgeting, compartmental thinking, even IT asset depreciation in Accounting. Dear academics. you really need an interdisciplinary approach to overcome eWaste issue, this is not about the design matter…

Happy Repairing !

Photo: (Rare media coverage on Windows XP disposals on 4.2014)

Edit: minor correction, add link, clarification.


I always recommend an ex-corporate thinkpad as the best Linux computer you can buy.


The end of extended support date for Windows 7 is actually January 2020; I noticed on my laptop a popup yesterday saying this. It seems likely there’ll be a wave of replacement buying happening. A good opportunity for refurbishers such as to ensure reuse of older Windows 7 machines!


Sorry it is typo. I intended to say Jan 2020, thank you for the correction. I have observed the Windows 7 disposal process started later year. As a new financial year starts, this process will accelerate significantly.

Yeah, Licence expiration is a great massive business opportunity, just replace from A to B, A to B, A to B, A to B, no performance improvement anymore, just things moves from A to B, money moves from A to B, Unpacking and disposing. Leasing expired, the IT asset depreciation, hardware support end. Nothing changes, Business as usual.

In the name of Circular economy, now compliance business force you to dump your computer in a specific way. You have to dump your computer every 3 years though certified Refurbishes etc etc.

BTW, in order to be a Microsoft Certified Refurbishes, you have to process 5000ish computers per year, yes a big business, just moving A to B, Circular energy wasteful economy!

BTW2, the refurbishes actually will have to pay to Windows licence (£30?) to the each previously licensed Computer. If honest refurbished attempt to reuse the existing the Software licence, you would be jailed seriously.

As you said, high quality business grade computers will be dumped into Refurbishers, yes you would get the great deal. (By the way, You guys, please do not generalise Brand A(pple) is batter than Brand B etc. You usually picked up a disposable grade consumer computers, As @Stuart_Ward said, Business Grade model such as Thinkpad (Lenovo), EliteBook (HP), Latitude (Dell) is far better than consumer models in terms of durability, construction. So one way to compensate this reality, you may want to get a business grade refurbished computer to extend the device life much longer (as I did for restart demonstration) (no affiliation)
I actually bought some for individual clients from them. I asked this company to install a brand new SSD, and they do now…)

This is not about the Government regulation, but the user’s acceptance. You actually accept this silly A to B disposal Circular wasteful economy as a taken for granted reality. Unless you demand as a customer nothing will change.

Another crying report from eWaste bottle field.

(Still I will say) Happy reparing :sweat_smile: