Readme: How to request a feature & how voting works



Submit requests for new features and vote for your favourites! is a work in progress. We’re continuously reviewing it and developing new features to make it a useful tool for community repair groups. If there’s something you’d like to be able to do that isn’t currently possible, start a discussion about it in this category and we can discuss it and vote on it.

We’ll use the number of votes a requested feature receives as an indication of the level of demand it has from the community. But there are other factors we’ll also consider when deciding whether or not to develop it, such as its technical requirements. This means that we can’t guarantee that popular features will be developed before others (or at all).

:warning: Before starting a new discussion, please check whether there’s an existing discussion about the feature you want to request.

How can you vote for your favourites?

You can show your support for a feature someone else has requested by voting for it. Simply enter the discussion about the feature you’re interested in and click the vote button by the title at the top:


Remember, you have a limited number of votes, so you’ll need to be selective about which features you vote for. You can remove your vote for a feature at any time. Just click on the ‘Voted’ button (where the ‘vote’ button would normally be) and then click ‘Remove vote’. You can see what you’ve already voted for on your profile.

The number of votes you have increases with your trust level:

Trust level Number of votes
Level 0 2
Level 1 4
Level 2 6
Level 3 8
Level 4 10

:question: Want to know which trust level you have? Check your badges.

How can you see which features have the most votes?

There’s a button for that :wink:
Just head to the subcategory list (here: #restarters-dev:feature-requests) and click the ‘Votes’ button on the far right of the breadcrumb navigation (just above the list of discussions):

Clicking ‘Votes’ will sort the discussions by the number of votes they have (with the most popular at the top).