Prospect of UK environmental rules diverging from the EU

We try not to mention the B word too much, but this is big. Seems to come hand-in-hand with the No Deal stance of this government. (In contrast with the May government, which was strong on alignment.)

From a speech last year…

[Johnson] also hinted the UK should have the freedom to diverge from energy efficiency rules if it wanted to. “It is all about voluntarism,” he said. “It is all about who decides. When it comes to EU standards for washing machines or hairdryers or vacuum cleaners or whatever, it may very well make sense to remain in alignment as a matter of choice. As something we elect to do. I am sure for the purposes of supply chains there are many businesses who understand the need for that. But I don’t think we should commit as a matter of treaty that forever and a day we are going to remain locked into permanent congruence with the EU.”

Summing up, this is a cherry picking approach to Ecodesign and Right to Repair regulation.