On an event, I can't specify the number of volunteers without them being members here



Not sure this is actually a bug, but it’s a problem if I want to record how many volunteers helped at an event when they aren’t members. And as I have one volunteer who doesn’t use the internet they will never be counted, plus I have non-fixing volunteers doing refreshments and they have no interest/motivation/reason to be members here. Any suggestions to help me record the number of volunteers?


You can add volunteers that aren’t registered to past events:


If the volunteer isn’t registered, you can select ‘Not registered on Fixometer’:

This will update the number of volunteers (it’s this figure here that is included in aggregated stats for a group):

You can also edit the number of volunteers manually if you’d prefer.

Fixometer: how to log repair data from your event

Hadn’t spotted that, was trying to increease the number where you can set the number of participants. When I try to use the +/- on the number of volunteers I get some red text "Please note that the number of volunteers does not match the attendance record. Do you need to add or remove volunteers? " Ah it does seem to save the modified number. Problem solved, thanks!

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