Non-hosts see an edit group link on Dashboard



@Steve_Cook has reported seeing a link to update his group (Crystal Palace Library of Things) despite not being listed as a host of that group.

Clicking the link takes him to an error page:

When I go to:

I see a link ‘Update Crystal Palace Library of Things’

which takes me to :

Either Steve isn’t a host of that group, and so shouldn’t see that ‘update your group’ link on his dashboard…
Or Steve is a host of that group and should be able to edit the group.

Steve’s role is host in the system, so I’m wondering whether this could be related to the wider issue affecting group hosts at the moment (here).


Good spot!

  • If you’re a host overall, but not yet a host of the group, you shouldn’t see that link on the dashboard, even if you’re a member of the group.

This is a bug then.


Hi - Could someone make me a host of the Crystal Palace group please?


Done :slight_smile:


This should be fixed now - thanks!

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