Missing titles/labels



I’ve noticed a few titles and labels around the Fixometer are missing(?) / have been replaced by what look like strings from the translation plugin (or something).

E.g. the Title of the Dashboard is dashboard.title:

And in the admin section of the Edit group page:


This was all OK last week as far as I can recall - one possible reason for this that I can think of is if someone clicked the publish button in the translation manager. For the new features that hadn’t yet had their translation strings pulled in to the translation manager, they will have lost their values altogether.


What I’ll do is take a copy of the translations as they stand in the translation manager; temporarily revert to the translations as they are on disk, so we don’t get the funny labels for the new features; sync the translation strings between translation manager and disk.


This should all be sorted now - still getting to grips a little bit with syncing the Translation Manager, so let me know if any translations still seem a bit odd!

I’ve also moved Rosalie’s translation from ne to nl-BE in the Translation Manager (so if Rosalie is continuing to add translations, she will need to use the nl-BE section now), and added Nederlands (België) as one of the languages visible in the language switcher.


Great, thanks Neil!

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