Missing Fixometer data for 27th Oct Hackney Fixers event at Homerton Library


Hi Restarters,
Sorry about this, but due to some confusion on the part of our new volunteer hosts,
some of the repairs done at the 27th Oct Hackney Fixers event at Homerton Library are missing their outcome data (status etc.)

If anyone who was there could please fill in any missing data that they know about, we would be most grateful.

If you don’t want to fiddle with the Fixometer, please feel free to email me the info & I’ll do the Fixometering.

I know that @Jamie_Hillier & @James_Diamond were there.
Anyone else? …



I was there but I can’t remember off hand what I fixed. I often can’t even remember what I fixed on the train coming home. (Concentrating on the next fix is the best way of preventing the last entering your long term memory!)

Looking down the list on the Fixometer, I can only add the following:
Laptop: slow, Bluetooth: No idea of the brand. Sped up somewhat but the Bluetooth problem was a misunderstanding on the part of the user.
Hair dryer: starts & stops: Not fixable.
Mobile: Needs screws: This was an iPhone, I think iPhone 5. My best fix of the day - she had undertaken a screen replacement but couldn’t quite get it back together again.
If my name was against anything else on the flipchart I’ll have another think but that’s all I can remember.

First time I’ve dug into the Fixometer - it’d be really good if the Restarter’s name was included.


Hey Dave and Restarters,

I’m wondering around the site not sure where to add data to the fixometer and then realised I have two separate profile pictures for some reason - one with a beard and one without!

Anyway I was fixing with a lady who brought two things - a weatherproof DAB radio and a desk lamp. The radio worked but one of the pots on the front was loose as if broken away from its internal housing but unfortunately the radio was actually too weatherproof to open carefully so we didn’t take it any further.

The desk lamp’s earth wire was detached from the inside of the frame (possibly shorting with live or neutral on occasion) I soldered it back on, insulated it, pat tested it and it worked fine - fixed!

My friend Liva also brought an external hard drive with a broken Mini USB socket that James managed to open up and salvage. Although I wasn’t able to solder the socket back on to the SATA control board she did manage to get can adaptor and recover all the data directly. So that was a half/three quarter fix i suppose? Can you quantify that?

I also had a go soldering the Micro USB socket back onto the PCB inside the gentlemen’s bluetooth speaker that you were looking at with him. He put it back together and although reconnecting the cable did seem to trigger the charging LED for a moment but I don’t think all the terminals were connected properly so I would’t count that as a fix - but close!

I can add these to the fixometer - but where do I do that?




Hi @Jamie_Hillier,
You can get to the Fixometer by going to restarters.net, then clicking “Events”.
To be lazy, here’s a link to the actual Party to save you searching:



Hi Dave, I’ve updated items I worked on. Portable radio, toaster, iron, hard drive.



Thanks, everyone.

Now we’re only left with:

  • Hand blender that “Stops unexpectedly”
  • Rechargeable hand vacuum cleaner that “Doesn’t charge”
  • Toaster with “2 slots not working, others do.”
  • Dimmer switch which is “Not working”
  • Heater which is “Not working”
  • CD player which is “Not working”

If anyone has any clues on these, please feel free to contribute
and thanks again.