Listing events: critical additional data about a venue



Often I have wished that sites like Meetup would have a tick box for venues with step-free access.

We could add this to the events management side of the Fixometer.

But given @Panda and others raised important other issues to allow for neurodiversity at events, let’s discuss what else hosts could share about a venue, in advance.

Let’s start from the premise that this should not add loads of work for hosts…


At the moment, we don’t have the concept of a venue in the Fixometer, do we?

If we did, it ought to be fairly easy to add an extensible list of “keywords” like:

  • Step-free
  • Poorly-lit
  • Noisy
  • Refreshments (meaning that tea & coffee can be made)
  • etc.

Given that most groups frequent the same venues, this would only have to be entered once & would be a useful resource for event planning.

OTOH if we don’t implement the venue concept, I think that having to re-enter it on every event would be a pain.


Exactly @Dave, this will require more gymnastics in terms of the database.

But I like this idea of “tagging” venues. If this is important to volunteers, it should absolutely be given high priority. (Tags could also extend to the kind of places, so we could get more of an idea about what kinds of venues are used.)