Link to event planning kit doesn’t work on at least one view



If I go here the link ‘Event planning kit’ goes to “oops that page doesn’t exist’


Hi Ian,

Thanks for flagging this - I hadn’t spotted it before!
Looks like it’s an issue of using a relative link where an absolute one is needed.

Now fixed :+1:



Thanks. Must admit I find the navigation all a little confusing, and this wasn’t helping.


Could you say more about this?
We’re currently reviewing the ‘user experience’ of the whole site and any feedback would be much appreciated!


Put me on the spot, hey? I’ve learned that the icon at top left is the simplest/only way back to the top, and I find navigating the different areas confusing/impossible without having gone back to the top first. It’s all a bit too subtle (for me), I think. For example I didn’t know there was a sub-category for offers/requests. Call me boring but I’d quite like a navigation tree that shows/tells/lets me discover me some categories are nested beneath other categories.

That’s seems critical - on the positive side I do very much like the modern UI.

But I find a slight disjoint between discussion/wiki/fixometer - e.g. sometimes I have to log in to fixometer having been already logged in to discussion.


Haha, thanks Ian.

This is useful feedback (as always).

I think this forum software (Discourse) is designed to help with scale - it tries to surface discussions relevant to you without being overwhelming. Of course the danger is missing out on stuff happening in areas one doesn’t visit much. There’s not lots we can do about the basic structure and its presentation.

That said, the overall structure is already visible on the home page (subcategories as colourful bullet points below the category description):

If there are new discussions, you’ll see a ‘1 new’ label next to the category or subcategory name (depending on your notification settings)

We also maintain an overview here.

When it comes to getting back to the home page, you can press g then h (and type ? for more shortcuts).

Perhaps this kind of info should be added to our how to use this forum guide


OK. But there’s something a bit random sometimes about the navigation. I went to look at my unreads, clicked on the bottom one and it didn’t take me to the content of that topic, it went to the topic in it’s area. I went back to the list of unreads, clicked that same one again and it showed me the unread message on the topic.


Hmm, each clickable element should only link to one place. There are quite a lot of clickable parts, so I’ve put together a quick ‘map’ to help describe how it works (click on the image to enlarge it):

I suspect that you may have initially clicked on the purple, ‘ development’ bit instead of the thread title


You may be right - the combination of touchscreen and my stubby fingers isn’t necessarily good. I’ve had this before, though, it’s disconcerting.


@james someone else pointed out that "Incidentally, I couldn’t see a way of getting back to the dashboard from the talk main page. " - IDK how to get to the dashboard at all, I only see it after I’ve closed my ipad with open and then the following day I open Safari/Brave and after login the dashboard opens.


@Ian_Barnard - this link at the top when you are in Talk will take you to the dashboard:

The way Talk/Fixometer/Wiki/Dashboard all join up is something we need to work on!

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