Link Talk post(s) to events (and groups and vice-versa?)?




I’d like to be able to link individual posts (for granularity/ relevance, but maybe threads/topics would be OK ) in talk to events (and maybe groups and vice-versa)…

So as a Community lead or host lead I could mention an upcoming (or past) party in a post and it would appear (maybe just a subject heading?) under a particular party.

As a Restarter or Host I could say “I’m bringing” or “who could bring” a tool or spare, or generally talk about the party (from transport, about the venue (how accessible? what facilities/equipment do they have?) to after-party destinations?)

So at the moment each event has the Headings: Event Details, Description and Attendance) we would add something like"Related Discussion" (and maybe a “talk about this” button/ link).

In the future: attendees, could say I’m bringing/ brought item X, so people could do research and suggest “homework”.

This would give functionality currently only available in Meetup or Facebook to “directly”/ “obviously” discuss the event (and hopefully draw people onto the platform…) …also in the short term it lets us add information (in a freeform way, which could eventually be more structured).

dyaknowhatimean? :wink:


I like this idea. It sounds like having a comments section for each event powered by Discourse. Agreed it could be a useful feature for volunteers would be a nice way to encourage people to join & use Talk.

Would you see these conversations/comments being visible on the event pages on AND @Ten?

At the moment, I think the idea is that members can use private discussion groups (like the London one) to start conversations about events. While I think there are some advantages to this, there are significant limitations, not least: those conversations don’t appear on the event page and most groups on the Fixo don’t have a group on Talk.

In terms of feasibility, one way this could potentially be implemented is by generating a discussion for each event once it’s approved by a Community Lead (perhaps in a new subcategory, which would be suppressed from appearing in the ‘latest’ discussions feed) - then including a link to it (or even embedding it) on the event page.

I guess the obvious question is: how easy/quick would this be do and how useful would it be to how many people?

It’d be good to hear from organisers and repairers on this


Definitely not initially (i.e. in development), in the longterm I think this info might appear in a more detailed view on .org maybe after a click and possibly subject to some level of moderation?