Join us for an online mini-Wikithon: 17th December

We’re having a ‘wikithon’ (or online wiki party) in December and you’re all invited! :partying_face:

:spiral_calendar: 2019-12-17T19:00:00Z (duration: 90 mins)
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The repair wiki is our place to record and share useful repair info and guides. It’s written by the community for the community and we think it’s time to give it some love :heart: by opening up new ways for everyone to get involved.

Come and join us as we look through some of the repair data logged by the network from events and build a list of tips and tricks :hammer_and_wrench: from repairers on the ground that can be added to the wiki for everyone’s benefit.

There are lots of interesting repairs recorded and we’d love your help :pray: to share those experiences with everyone.

The Wikithon will be happening entirely online! We’ll start with a quick video/audio chat (optional) and then open a live text chat to help us all keep in touch. For those who like a soundtrack, we can also build a shared playlist :man_dancing:

If that sounds good, please RSVP by completing the poll below:

Would you like to come along?

:spiral_calendar: 2019-12-17T19:00:00Z
:clock8: Duration: 90 mins

  • Count me in!
  • I can’t make this date, but I’d like to learn more about contributing to the wiki

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Great @james is there a place we can suggest / add changes to the Wiki (irrespective of what’s in the repairs database), that is not this thread?

The hope is to create one after the Wikithon, starting with the list of suggested additions/changes we create on the day.

But anyone is also welcome to go ahead and edit the Wiki directly, including creating blank pages for missing content :slight_smile:
All changes are moderated, so no need to worry about breaking anything.

If I’m unsure about where the edits should go, should I use the “discussion” feature?

I’d like to know what if any activity there is in nordic countries, as I’d expect them to be very interested if not active yet.

In particular Finland as Ive been there many times to see family

Best Regards Steve

For specific comments on a particular page, the discussion feature on the Wiki itself is probably the best place, yep. For more general questions about the Wiki (e.g. wanting to add a new page), the #repair-stories category on the forum is probably best. Would you agree @philip?

Hi Steve, do you mean activity on the wiki, or community repair in general?
At the moment, we work directly with groups in Iceland, Norway and Sweden (Malmö / Lund) and we’re aware of groups in Denmark too. I don’t think we’ve had much contact with any groups in Finland though. Do you know of anything happening there?

Hi, how are you today.

I meant community repair in general

I’ll ask my wife’s family to get some ideas in Finland and revert back

. thanks Steve

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I think a logical place for discussion about wanted pages, or indeed anything not related to an existing page, would be the Discussion page linked to the Main page.

Specific new or corrected information can go straight into the relevant page provided it can be fitted logically into the existing structure of a page. No need to worry too much about perfecting the English - I can do that when I moderate the changes.

But anything where you have incomplete information, and questions about the accuracy or completeness of existing material should go in the associated Talk page.

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A quick reminder that the Wikithon is happening: :spiral_calendar: 2019-12-17T19:00:00Z (duration: 90 mins)

If you’d like to come along, please let us know by completing the poll above :+1:

Looking forward to it!

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This is happening 2019-12-17T19:00:00Z!

Thanks for RSVPing @Dave, @GUIVI_ELIAS_OPPORTUN_C, @Janet, @philip, @steve.cousens, @Stuart_Ward.

Let’s meet at 2019-12-17T19:00:00Z here:

(I’ll be there a few minutes before to help with any technical issues)

I won’t be back home before U.K. 7pm

I’ll try and join then



OK. See you.

Hi @steve.cousens, no problem, there will be a live text chat here on the forum (you find it on the left hand side) - just ping me there when you come online :slight_smile:
I hope tonight’s meeting goes well!

See you soon @GUIVI_ELIAS_OPPORTUN_C! :+1:

We’re live! :red_circle:

Come join us here :slight_smile:

The Wikithon has now finished.

A huge thanks to @Dave, @GUIVI_ELIAS_OPPORTUN_C, @neil, @Nicole, @philip, @steve.cousens, @RestarTen for coming along and diving into the network’s repair data to hunt for wiki-worthy repair advice! :pray:

You’ll all be awarded our Data Delver badge! :tada:

I’ll post a short summary soon. But in the meantime, take a peak at what we worked on here:


I was not able to attend the wikithon, but do you guys organise it regurarily?
Nice concept for working virtually together -> i can imagine that it feels motivating


Hi @Tom_Van_Breussegem,

Sorry you couldn’t make it, I think you’d have found it interesting!
This was the first one we’ve run and was a bit of an experiment. It went pretty well though, so we will be looking to run more in the future. Watch this space :slight_smile:


Our first Wikithon

(A slightly tardy report - sorry about that!)

For a long time we’ve wanted to get more people involved in contributing to the Restart Wiki. Unfortunately those who are passionate about fixing are often rather less keen on writing, even though they may love sharing their knowledge and skills. So as a gentle way-in we conceived a Wikithon.

Where did we start?

The Fixometer contains data on a large number of fixes. In some cases that might include information useful to people in the future facing similar problems. Our objective, then, was to identify any such information and see if it could usefully be added to the Wiki.

We had before us a data extract from the Fixometer consisting of those records containing comments which might be useful - some 50 rows in a spreadsheet shared on Google Docs. We all had read/write access.

What did we do?

On 17th December in the evening, a dozen of us got together online, initially in a voice conference session in which @James explained what we were going to do. A text chat session was open for the rest of the time - a couple of hours.

Each of us was encouraged to look through the fixes in the spreadsheet, allocate ourselves one by entering our name against it, then look at the comments. Did they contain anything which might be useful to someone with a similar problem in the future? Sometimes they just recorded a fairly standard diagnosis and repair rather than a “light bulb” moment. But if they did potentially contain some insight, was it something not included in the Wiki?

How did we get on?

A few of the participants who didn’t see themselves as fixers were doubtful as to whether they could contribute. But even a “Maybe” recorded against “Contains useful info?” was useful. For that they only had to recognise whether the fixer seemed to have learned anything, even though they might not understand the fix themselves!

The next step was to find a relevant Wiki page and see if it looked like what had been learned was covered. Again, a “Maybe” was a very valuable response from anyone who wasn’t a hands-on fixer.

Not all of us had ever dived into the Wiki and so the motivation to do so was valuable in itself. Even for those who are not themselves fixers, just an appreciation of the range of topics it covers would enable them to recommend it to fixers they might work with, perhaps as an event host.

Probably for lack of time, not much was achieved in terms of generating actionable suggestions for additions to the Wiki, though the absence of a page on TVs and Monitors was highlighted. This is something we were aware of, but nevertheless it was useful to have it highlighted.

Where to now?

There is still a fair amount of work to do in completing the review of fixes as well as checking and updating the Wiki, so any offers of help with that would be gratefully received. Something you could do a little of any time to fill a spare 10 minutes. Just reply to this thread and we’ll get you started!


Philip, I would be interested in giving a try on it.

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