Issue with authentication links to private topics from Fixometer to Discourse



Creating a new topic to track this issue:

@Panda After a successful login I’m redirected to the dashboard. If I then click the ‘Welcome to the Restarters Community’ link in the ‘Discussion forum’ box on the top left of the page, I do end up on the Discourse page as expected. However I appear to not be logged in, and at the I’m offered to ‘Log In’. If I navigate to any other page, rather than clicking ‘Log in’, I’m still in the same situation that I appear logged out. However, if I click ‘Log in’, I’m automatically and instantly logged in, without having to reenter my credentials. So it looks like the state machine for the SSO has a bug where you can end up in a state where you’re not quite logged in (the log in button appears and the page is not personalised), but not quite logged out either (as clicking on the log in button is enough to be logged in without reentering credentials).

I’ve raised an issue in October on a related post on the Discourse forums, but no response as of yet:

We may have to think of a workaround.


I’ve bumped the issue with a new topic:


Got a response this time, and with a easy-to-implement solution, so I’ve added it in quickly and pushed it live.

Thanks for the reminder on this @Panda - and if you have a chance, please could you confirm if this is resolved for you.



Looks good. Thank you.

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