Issue with alpha transparency on avatars/logos in



As reported by @Panda, for logos on

puts a black background to alpha transparency when all the other implementation I’ve encountered, including talk, use a white one. Using the same image with a white background added a black horizontal line(s) at the top - so I used by alpha transparent one.


Logged here:


This should be resolved now @Panda.


Not entirely. It now puts a grey background to the alpha transparency.

Here’s how it looks on (I’ve just replaced the pic in my profile with a PNG with no background):
For comparison, here it is on Talk:


A-ha, turns out the container for the profile pic in the top-right actually had a grey background. It’s transparent now - could you try again please @Panda? (you may need to give it a hard refresh to pull in the updated CSS.) Thanks!


Just tried and it is now working. Thank you.

(BTW it was only three days I had posted my previous response and hence logged in to Going back to check the avatar, I was already logged out and had to log in again - the time out is really short.)


Thanks @Panda - I’ve checked into this myself now and can see there is a configuration issue on the server in one of the places where the session length was extended, such that the new value is not being picked up. However I’m checking with the dev team first for confirmation before changing, I will keep you posted.


I’ll continue to track the session length topic here: Session timeout for section is too short and mark this particular issue closed.