Issue registering - stuck at Complete my profile



A friend sent me the following by email. Is this a known issue?

I tried to join restart just now but the site wouldn’t let me “complete my profile”. There’s no box to tick re consent and when I tried to click on the green ‘next’ button nothing happened. Everything in the process was fine up until that point. Is it because I’m doing this on my phone maybe?


I encountered a similar issue on Safari on MacOS Mojave (using a limited, Safari-only guest account on that laptop) - the tick boxes (that should appear where the bullet point is on that screenshot) didn’t display properly.


Thanks @Panda @James - I’ve not seen that before, logging as a bug.

What about the checkboxes on step 3, do they also not appear?

I would say not mobile specific, as I can see them on Firefox and Chrome on my Android, must be specific to a particular browser - is your friend using Safari on mobile @Panda do you know?

Clicking/pressing on the text itself should also toggle the state of the checkbox - could you test what happens if you do that @James when you get a chance?


I see this related to checkboxes and Mojave, however it appears to be Chrome specific.

Edit: Brave and Vivaldi also apparently:


Though most of that seems to be related to the Mojave beta, I’d be very surprised if it still existed in the final release…


Her response:


Thanks Panda, very helpful - there must be a difference between the checkboxes on steps 3 and 4 then, that will make it easier to narrow down.