Issue registering - stuck at Complete my profile



A friend sent me the following by email. Is this a known issue?

I tried to join restart just now but the site wouldn’t let me “complete my profile”. There’s no box to tick re consent and when I tried to click on the green ‘next’ button nothing happened. Everything in the process was fine up until that point. Is it because I’m doing this on my phone maybe?


I encountered a similar issue on Safari on MacOS Mojave (using a limited, Safari-only guest account on that laptop) - the tick boxes (that should appear where the bullet point is on that screenshot) didn’t display properly.


Thanks @Panda @James - I’ve not seen that before, logging as a bug.

What about the checkboxes on step 3, do they also not appear?

I would say not mobile specific, as I can see them on Firefox and Chrome on my Android, must be specific to a particular browser - is your friend using Safari on mobile @Panda do you know?

Clicking/pressing on the text itself should also toggle the state of the checkbox - could you test what happens if you do that @James when you get a chance?


I see this related to checkboxes and Mojave, however it appears to be Chrome specific.

Edit: Brave and Vivaldi also apparently:


Though most of that seems to be related to the Mojave beta, I’d be very surprised if it still existed in the final release…


Her response:


Thanks Panda, very helpful - there must be a difference between the checkboxes on steps 3 and 4 then, that will make it easier to narrow down.


Bumping this with a fresh bug report from someone who tried to register but couldn’t get past the same page:

I’m having a problem signing up, I get to the the data consent bit and can’t get any further? Not sure if it’s because it on an iPad, but no tick boxes are showing for that stage?

I’m guessing she was using Safari on her iPad, but am awaiting further details.

Do we know why this happens?


We couldn’t recreate on @james 's MacBook running latest version of Mojave (10.14.5), whereas previously it did occur. (see

Suggests it is a Mojave issue. However given the checkboxes on step 3 are fine, it must be a specific issue with the rendering on Step 4, so we could try and recreate the rendering from step 3.