Invite to group not working



Thanks James - could you let me know what happens from your end? I can see an error in the logs but it’s a bit opaque, so any context you can give would be really useful, thanks :slight_smile:

Sending event invites to volunteers - user interface bug

Got similar error when trying to invite a Restarter to group, entering his email and a custom message. This really complicates the process of getting help reporting back on repairs…

User: janetgunter
Time: 2018-07-26 19:06:54
Previous URL:


Github issue here:


There was one error here occurring when inviting someone who had opted-out of receiving email notifications.

However @James_Diamond - I don’t think this would be the case for you when inviting Bridget, as she doesn’t have an account already?

Could you both try again and let me know if you get an error again, thanks!

Can't invite team members to event

Marking this as resolved, assuming both cases were occurring when inviting registered users who had opted out of receiving emails. This was changed a while back and no further reports.