Incorrect group attributed to event on WordPress



I’ve noticed that @Karel_De_Schepper’s next event on Sept 15th is displaying ‘Restart HQ’ as the host on the list of upcoming parties on WordPress (here) - as a result, the location is listed as London, as in the screenshot below:

The event looks fine in, where Maakbaar Leuven is listed as the host (and that group looks to be set up correctly).

Seems like a bug of some kind?

Edit: Looking at the actual event page on Wordpress, I think the issue may be that no group displays (and so perhaps defaults to Restart HQ on the list of upcoming events?)

Group location not being pulled through to Wordpress event listings

Thanks @james - correct, looks like the group page has not pushed through to Wordpress correctly. I’ll check into this.


Fixed now:

Group page on TRP site:

Event page on TRP site: