Incorrect event icon



How do we replace this stranger’s face at the top of event details? :nerd_face::space_invader::speak_no_evil:
image redacted


That’s a great question @4ndy! Usually, an event’s icon is just the group’s picture. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for Forres Restarters and I can’t work out why! Did you change the group’s picture after creating your latest event?

@neil, any thoughts on this? (e.g.


The group’s picture was added on creation, before this update.
It seems like the group picture is quite a small icon, and appears on the event list but not the group profile. I’ll try adding a larger icon and see what happens.

Edit: I tried adding a couple of different images of different sizes & file-types, but on clicking the “Edit group” button to save, their thumbnails disappeared from next to the “Add images” box.
The group profile is currently stuck with this icon:

Edits to group icon not saving

Bizarre! Looking into it now.


@4ndy - the group icon and the event icon should now be picking up the correct logo for Forres (the larger version of the logo that is displaying in the event list). It was a bug such that the wrong image was being picked up here, in this case a Restarter from another group! Thanks for reporting. Could you check and see if all looks OK?

As for the issue with the group logo not saving when you try to update it, we’ll look into this ASAP.


Looks to be fixed, thanks Neil!