Improving registration for Hosts



We’ve identified a few problem in onboarding hosts, and propose the following solutions @Dean_Claydon, could you please prioritise this as it’s limiting engagement of people interested in hosting events:

  • Currently a new user needs to pick all 4 organising skills to be registered as Host. We’d like to reduce this to 1. So that anyone who selects at least one can then go ahead and create a group.

  • Existing users with at least 1 organising skill should be allowed to start a group

  • In step 1 of joining, we’d then need to improve the text:

    “Organising skills - please select at least one if you’d like to host events”

  • If an existing user, with no selected organising skills, adds an organising skill in their profile, their user role should be updated to Host. But this shouldn’t automatically affect their role as Restarter in groups they’re part of

  • An existing group host should be able to add another group member with host role as co-host, not affecting the role held by the user in other groups. Admins should be able to both add and remove a co-host within group members

  • Please remove “Host an event” from the “Getting Started” for new Hosts, as they can’t host until they’ve started a group


One more point @Dean_Claydon : there’s a number of hosts in the system that retained their role from the old Fixometer, despite not selecting any organising skill.
Their role should not be amended as a result of my suggestions above (so: they should continue be a host, irrespective of selecting organising skills or not)


Hi @ugo

I’ve carried on this discussion in Trello. Many updates have gone live this evening.




Setting existing members of a group as hosts of that is being covered here and will be released tomorrow.

The other remaining item on this is running a script to give users created with 1 or more organising skills before this change was made to have Host role.