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@Frank’s sucessfully set up his Marlow Repair Café group on, and all looks fine. But the group location isn’t being pulled through to his 1st Sept event: All Saints Church Hall, Marlow on Wordpress:

TRP Homepage:

TRP Upcoming Parties page:

The event is correctly attributed to the Marlow Repair Café group, which seems to display correctly on Wordpress:

Any idea why the location isn’t displaying?

Could this be related to the fixed bug affecting Leuven?


Wondering if there is any insight here @Dean_Claydon - this has been pretty prominent on the frontpage for quite a while! And we’re keen to get things right for Marlow - important to our funder too.


Hi @Janet @james

Looking at the database on, there’s no missing data and the WordPress code to push data to has changed considerably since we last worked on it. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about how the data is structured on WordPress (I don’t have relevant access either) so I am not in a position to confirm whether restarters . net is pushing the appropriate information. I think this is one for Neil to review when he is back.

Sorry I can’t be much more help!




Thanks, Dean. So nothing in the database is missing! :thinking:

For @neil and @nikhita 's edification, here is the problem as appearing on our website

There is also this other “archived” group, also appearing on the site - would definitely like to get rid of that


Just updating this with a few new examples:

Wordpress is currently lacking the location info for 3 more upcoming events from newly created groups:

Same problem as described above:

Location displays fine for existing groups:

But for new groups (like Plymouth, Malmö & Totnes), the location is missing.

For now, I’ve been adding the city name to the name of the event to avoid confusion. But it would be great to get this fixed.

Any idea what the problem is @neil?


In addition to the group location, there used to be a field in the interface which was used for the value displayed on Wordpress next to the events (In the screenshot - below the map, to the right of the geocoordinates.) In the database this field is called Area so I’ll call it that here.

We seem to have inadvertently lost that ‘Area’ field in the interface.

We could just reinstate it. Couple of thoughts though - it did use to cause a bit of confusion having both location and area fields, as they often ended being set to the same value (as per Nottingham’s case in the screenshot.) When staff were creating groups that’s not too much of a problem, but now anyone can create a group I think we’d need to signpost a bit better what that field is for.

We could just keep the location field - and have this be the one that is pushed through to and displayed on Wordpress. However, some groups have their full address in the location field, e.g. Brixton Remakery:

Which we wouldn’t want to display on WP. Not sure which is the best option, thoughts?

Until we resolve that, I’ll manually set the Area field for the group’s mentioned in the database, so at least something is pushed through to and displayed on WP.


Area is displaying for those groups now - we still need to figure out best solution for other new groups however.


Thanks Neil! That all makes sense.

What is group location used for currently?

Given each event has a specific address, I’m wondering whether we actually need groups themselves to have a full postal address, or whether simply having a city, county or region is enough. For a lot of groups, this would actually make more sense as they tend to host events in different places and some don’t necessarily have a fixed address.

So, perhaps we could just relabel the ‘Group location’ field as ‘city, county or region’ (or similar) and then use that field when pulling through the group location to WP? There could be some helper text below explaining that this should describe the area where the group runs events.

Related thought: is there any value in listing country too, just to provide more context?


I think you’re right that most groups probably don’t need a full address, not from a practical view anyway, as the events themselves have addresses. Some groups (I guess more likely makerspaces and schools) do have an address that makes sense for the group, but I can’t think of anywhere off the top of my head where it actually needs to be full address for some feature to work.

  • Finding groups near you

In the Groups page, if a member has provided their own town/city, we’ll find a list of groups near them based on the lat/long of the member and the lat/long of the group (which comes from the group location that is entered). This would probably still work well in most cases with just the city/county/region principle, although in London it would work better if something more fine-grained than city is used is in the location (e.g. if all groups had simply London as the location, the ordering of the groups wouldn’t help, you might be in South-West London but see a group from North-East first. Of course this also depends on the member having put a borough in their own town/city information, which might not always be the case anyway.)

For the groups near you feature to work best then we’d probably want e.g. ‘Kilburn, London’, ‘Hackney, London’, ‘Brixton, London’ as the location. We could potentially have just ‘Hackney’, ‘Kilburn’, ‘Brixton’ but this leaves the geocoding prone to coming back as some unintended location (often in the US!). We could also have just ‘London’ but with the proviso above that the groups near you might suffer slightly from that.

  • Map of groups

The map of groups on our site ( also makes use of the lat/long that comes from the group location, so same thing probably still applies in that we’d want that lat/long to work at a borough/part-of-city level.

I think there probably is value in that, both at a display level on Wordpress, and in terms of geocoding it makes it more likely to be accurate.


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