Free Pro-tech toolkit for new groups 🧰



We’ve teamed up with our friends at iFixit to offer new repair groups a free electronics repair bundle :tada:


This is a great kit for any group just starting up and in need of some essential repair tools for phones, laptops and other common consumer devices.

We only have a limited number of these to give away, so this offer is restricted to those starting up a new community repair group (one toolkit per group).

If you’re interested, reply below and we’ll be in touch :slight_smile:

How to power up community repair with

Hi we’d love this kit please! REfUSE Cafe, 143c Front Street, Chester-le-Street, DH3 3AU


Hi Nikki, that’s great! I’ll drop you a message with more details and a voucher code :+1:


In Rugby we are in the process of setting up a Repair Cafe - are we eligible if not going yet? Might help us get going!


Hi Jenny, excellent! I’ll send you a message with more info :slight_smile:


We’ve just started a new restarter group in Hinckley and could use the kit please.


Hi Tony - ah yes, I’ve seen your group! I’ll drop you and @Wild_Bunny a message with the details :+1:


we at Melton Space have lots of ‘big’ tools for woodwork, metalwork etc. but could use some more delicate tools for the small stuff.

Howard Mitchell for Melton Space


Hi Howard,

Great, I’ll be in touch via private message :slight_smile:


Would love one of these for our first event is the offer still open?


Hi Mary Rose,

Absolutely! I’ll send you the details via private message :+1:


Did we get one? :slight_smile:


Hi Martin, No, I don’t think we did - yet. I sort of left it with Lee. There’s a P&P charge and we wanted to check with others that these particular tools would be useful for our group’s skills.


P.S. Apologies to all who flagged my previous reply as spam/advertising. I’d replied through Email rather than directly & didn’t think to remove my email footer about my business.


OK. Well, I’m sure it would be useful but I’m also sure that we’d manage without it. :wink:


Hi James

How are you?

I was green with envy when I saw these iFixit pro-tech toolkits being used by the Restart volunteers at the Restart Party in Torino.

I know that you only have a limited number of vouchers for these kits but let me know if you have any to spare as it would be great if we could get our hands on one as we try to organise our 3rd Repair Cafe.



Hi Mike,

I’m well thanks! Good to hear from you :slight_smile:

Given Pavia’s still a fairly new group and we’re keen to support the Italian network, I’m sure we can spare a kit for you folks. I’ll ping over a message with the details :+1:

Best of luck with event #3!



Hi James, I Think Leicester Fixers was supposed to have got one following the first international Fixfest after Kyles kind offer but we never got around to chasing it up. SO would be grateful if you could include us.

I very pleased that two of the new group from our county outreach programme have availed them selves of this I saw one of the kits at Hinckley second event and was kicking myself as our own very simple kit is falling to pieces. I’ll be sure to send the other new groups to this post to reserve theirs. There are 7 new groups including the two who have already requested in all.



Hi, how are you today.

We’d love this kit for Market Harborough Fixers please.

I believe that you send a code???

As we’re a very new group w 1 event under our belts this’ll be very much appreciated

 thanks Steve Cousens. 

Naseby. Northants


Hi Divya, sure thing. I’ll ping you over a code. And great that you’re outreach programme seems to be going well!

Hi Steve, welcome to the forum! Good to see you here. Feel free update your profile to let everyone know who you are and introduce yourself too :slight_smile:

Happy to send you a code. I’m drop you a message shortly :+1:



Hi, how are you today.

I didn’t get a code yet did you send it???

  thanks Steve.          

 Market Harborough Fixers