Fixometer: how to join, create or customise your group



Finding & joining nearby groups

Now you’ve signed up to, you can join local groups or create your own. Find your nearest group(s) and those you’ve joined already by clicking on the ‘Groups’ button in the top menu:

Clicking or tapping on the name of a group will take you to the group’s page. Here you’ll see the group’s description, key stats, events and members. Joining local groups means you can get notifications when they run events and help improve their repair data. To join the group, simply click/tap the ‘join group’ button in the top right:

Creating a group

If there aren’t any groups near you and you’d like to start your own, just click the ‘Create new group’ button at the top on the right of the Groups page. You can give your new group a name, website, location, description and image:

Once your group has been created, it will need to be approved by an admin. This should take no longer than 2 working days and will generally be much quicker. After being approved, you can invite people to join via email, create events (which will automatically appear on our main website) and start inputting repair data to your events.

:warning: In order to create a group, you must have added an ‘organising’ skill to your profile (publicising events, recruiting volunteers, managing events &/or finding venues)

Editing a group

You can edit the details of your own repair group from the Edit group link just above the group’s description:

Please note – your group’s information will appear publicly on the Restart Project website. Please refrain from sharing personal data that you would not want to be made available publicly.

In editing your group, you can change the following information:

  • Your group’s name
  • Your group’s website – this will appear on your group page
  • Your group’s description
  • Your group’s location
  • Your group’s logo

Setting your group’s location

The Location field (next to the map) is used to geocode where your group appears on the map. Here, you can use a specific address, location, and/or postcode. The pin on the map will move when you input your address.

Describe your group

The description field is how people get to know your group. You can put in pictures, links, and rich format text.

Be sure to include practical information, such as:

  • What does your group fix? Are you focused only on electronics, or do you also do other repairs (e.g. clothing, bicycles, furniture, broken hearts, etc.)?
  • Do people have to RSVP for your events? If so, how do they register a place?
  • How do groups get in touch with you if they have questions?
  • Are you looking for volunteer help? If so, how would one volunteer with your group?

How to power up community repair with

So how do I acquire the Organising skill to my profile? I was wanting to create a group for the event in St Albans in May that I’m helping organise, or to show the guy who’s in charge of it (who I don’t think is on yet) how to do so.


Hi Philip - you can edit your Fixometer profile here (note that everyone currently has 2 or 3 profiles – one for each of the areas of the platform: Fixometer, Talk and Wiki. We’re aware this is confusing and are thinking through solutions).

For now, I’ve just given you the ‘host’ role, meaning you should now be able to create a group :+1: