Fixometer: how to create an event & invite people



Creating an event :pencil2:

After logging in to, you’ll find a section for upcoming Restart Parties by clicking on the ‘Events’ button at the very top of the page. To create a new event, click the Create new event button on the top right of that events page.

This form is similar to the one used to edit your group’s profile. Please note, all of the data you fill in on this form will be publicly available on the Restart Project website.

  • Name of event – the name of the venue/neighbourhood where your party will happen
  • Date – the date of your event
  • Start and End – these fields will automatically default to 3 hours, but can be manually adjusted.
  • Event group – select the group running the event
  • Venue address – to help people find you and to geocode the location of your event on the map.
  • Description – used to describe the event
  • Image – you can upload an image to use to promote the event if you would like.

When finished, hit Create event and your party will be published to the The Restart Project’s website pending admin confirmation. Confirmation should take no longer than 2 working days and will usually be quicker.

:warning: Still waiting for confirmation after 2 working days? Message @james to get it sorted.

Naming your event

How you name your event makes a huge difference to how it displays on the website and how people find where you are. Here’s how they display on each page:

^ How events are displayed on the Restart Project events page.

^ How events are displayed on the Restart Project homepage

Here’s what to do (and not to do):


  • Make it easy for someone to find the location of the party. Use the venue name and, if helpful to do so, the neighbourhood or region where the venue is located.
  • Make sure your location is set correctly on your group page
  • Include all of the specific details about your event (exact location, link to booking, times, what to bring, etc.) in the event description.


  • Use the venue’s full address and/or postcode, or the date, as the event title. This information should be included in the event description.
  • Title your event “Restart Party”, “Repair Café”, or any other variant of a community repair event title. People viewing this page will expect a community repair event (regardless of what it is called), and we want them to be able to find, at a glance, where repair is happening.

Invite people to your event/group :envelope:

You can invite anyone to your event (or to follow your group) by sending them an email straight from the event (or group) page. If you’d rather use a different kind of communication, such as a messaging app, or want to send a personal email, you can copy a special link that will bring them to your page.

Click/tap here to see how

Find the page of the group or event you want to share. Click on the ‘Group actions’ or ‘Event actions’ button in the top right and then on ‘Invite volunteers’. A window will pop up where you can write an email inviting people to the group or event. If you’d prefer to use a link, click on ‘Invite via shareable link’ in the top right. You can then copy the link and share it with anyone you want to invite:

Add an event to your personal calendar :spiral_calendar:

You can add any event to your personal calendar (Google, Outlook, iCal or Yahoo). This is particularly useful for group members who don’t log in to the platform very often but want to remember when events are happening.

Click/tap here to see how

Once your event is created, anyone can add it to their personal calendar (Google, Outlook, iCal or Yahoo) by clicking the ‘Add to calendar’ button below the location map:

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