Fixometer - deleting an entry


I’m entering data from last weekend’s RP. Although I didn’t mean to I have added a number of versions of the same entry on the Fixometer. This was when I was entering that a device was ‘end of life’ and stating the reason why (I think I was clicking the inaccessible choice - there did seem to be a box with a strange comment coming up after I had clicked this). I kept clicking as nothing was being added. Then after a few minutes I noticed it added lots of the same entry for the lamp I was adding. I now can not delete these entries. When I try to the message says that that this is permanent, then goes to another box which I click Ok on and the nothing happens. I’ll try and do some screen shots when I go back to the Fixometer. Thanks Sarah


Hi Sarah,

Thanks for reporting this.
I’ve tried deleting the duplicate devices from the event and have got the same error you describe:

@neil, any idea why this might be happening?